*****Tired of waiting for the next page to download? Image files holding you up...taking forever to appear? ...afraid of getting disconnected? ...or of connection failures...? The COMPARATIVE IMPLEMENTOLOGY site at contains hundreds of files and images and is ever growing, soon the number of links will be in the thousands, how long will it take you to explore them all via the internet?
*****The combined technology of internet browser, web pages and hyper text markup language is now brought together on the IMPLEMENTOLOGY CD, text, pages, and images all hyperlinked. What does this mean? It means there is no more waiting, you are linked instantly to the information or reference that you search, by the use of hyperlinks you are transported to artifact data, photos or scanned images immediately, you can flip from image to image or page to page in the blink of an eye.
*****Learning from hyperlinked data is better than trying to wade through bound paper volumes of text and references that demand that you shuffle back and forth to find the pages where the images are, if you can find them, if you even they can be found with an instant click and then return to where you left off just as quickly! Besides this, books, especially scientific ones are notoriously short of colour images and photos, printing costs do not allow the number of images that you are going to find on the IMPLEMENTOLOGY CD. Let alone the ability to explore the high resolution files that can be magnified may times without image loss. Added to this I have included extensive indexing which means you will never get lost and allows you to automate your browser to go to your favorite or last page.
*****Also included are collections of images assembled with the shareware utility Scrapit Pro. If you have already used this exceptional program to create your own image database you can add these files to your collection. Or download Scrapit Pro directly from a number of web sites (see the included links below). Once you have Scrapit Pro installed open the scrapfile: discover IMPLEMENTOLOGY CD, it will introduce you this new hybrid discipline.
*****If you really want to explore the high resolution images, magnify the subtle details of fishhook attachments, or take accurate measurements (up to 1/1000 of an inch) you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for one of those high end graphics applications because now you can download a spectacular shareware program that can do the job even better, GraphicConverter. I could write pages about this utility, it really is the right tool for the job, you can see it in action on the scrapfile mentioned above.

How can you get your IMPLEMENTOLOGY CD?

Contact me, Lawrence A Miller I burn every CD myself, adding the latest improvements and new files to each. They are not batch produced and every one is made right here in Tubuai. I have fixed the price at $15 plus postage, I'm not going to get rich selling these CDs but at least I won't go broke giving them away! Drop me a line first so we can work out the easiest way for you to pay and to find out how much postage is going to cost.

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