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If you are presently researching the Early East Polynesian Culture, you might have tried surfing the internet for information, unfortunately up until now there has been very little research oriented information posted, and or whatever information that is out there it is well scattered. Therefore it seemed to me that WebRing might offer a good solution to rectify this situation.

Help reconstruct the history of one of mankind's greatest adventures

Add your site to the Early East Polynesia Ring. If you have already created or are planning to build a site that concerns the Early East Polynesian Culture I urge you to consider joining this ring, our first goal then being to unite 5 or more web sites so as to be listed in the WebRing directory (five sites are required or four more including mine). If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please contact me via email at: l.a.miller@mail.pf.

Important New Clues

If you have managed to get this far I imagine that you are another researcher who is looking for clues that will help unravel the mystery of the origins and migrations of the Early East Polynesian Culture, please proceed then to my Discoveries Page to find a full range of important artifacts discovered on the island of Tubuai, Austral Islands, French Polynesia. To find out more and discover other links try Implementology
As a final note I must thank Herb Kawainui Kane for kindly allowing me to use one of his excellent renderings of a Polynesian Voyaging Canoe for our WebRing Logo.

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