Deeply Buried Deposits Localized at AHOAPOFATU!!!

The owners of Parcelle AHOAPOFATU # 1, have today reported finding layered deposits in a refuse pit excavation. A quick inspection of the site revealed that there were indeed sealed in deposits below the disturbed upper surface layer. The deposits appear to be under a storm deposit of clean sand and some evidence of post holes or cooking pits clearly visable. Fish and pig bone were recovered from a pile of excavated material along with worked stone flakes bearing calcium encrustations, all of which suggesting that the buried deposits are ancient and of a similar nature to those of ATIAHARA.

12/11/99......this morning I took Mark Eddows and two students to see the site at AHOAPOFATU, Mark cut back the pit walls to allow clear photos of the stratigraphy, and part of the excavated material was screened for artifacts, the bend of a small fishhook was recovered as well as the fragment from an adze. Numerous fish bones, pig bones and teeth were also recovered along with shell and other diverse material all of which was left with the owners. Permission was granted for a further excavation in this area at some later date....<