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Map, Figure, and Diagram Links

ATIAHARA Trench - Map 1 (1994-1995)
Photo of the Shutler/Dickenson Profile 0 - 10A
Plan of Squares 0 - 5B (with artifacts listed)
Plan of Squares 0 - 3.8C
Plan of Squares 0 - 2C (with artifacts listed with diagram numbers)
Plan of Squares 0 - 4D
Photo of the North West Wall Squares 3 - 4D
Profile of the North West Wall, Square 3 - 4D
Figure 1 - Pearl Shell Artifacts (guide to Diagrams)
ARTIFACT LIST with Links to Diagrams
Fishhooks 1994 - 1999 shown at their approximate depths
Reversed Shank Fishhooks, unique to Tubuai (so far)
Pearl Shell Fishhooks illustrated at full size and Linked to enlarged Implementological Diagrams
A letter to Beta for the submission of a third Radiocarbon sample

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