Important Stone Tool Discoveries
Large 'Horned' 1A Adzes, click on this image ....thumbnail to see a full size Front view,
see also the - Side view (these TUBUAI adzes are remarkably similar to Wairau Bar and Hurunui examples!)

Plano-convex Adze (gouge), Duff Type 4 Variety C, thumbnail

Huge! 3Ba Adze (reproduced full size 284K) thumbnail see also an illustration of a normal sized 3Ba Adze, 453-281-3Ba-1

Early 1A Adze (shades of Pitcairn!), 453-139-1Aa thumbnail see New Zealand example in the Motukarara Cache (R. S. Duff, 1940 J.P.S. 49, Fig. 2, Page 297)

Small 2A Adze (Samoan Type IV subtype a) thumbnail compare this with an early Moa Hunter example illustrated by H. D. Skinner, 1924 J.P.S. 33 Shag River Excavations Fig. 13

Coffin shaped 3C Adze thumbnail another Moa Hunter Classic

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